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Alys Stephens Center
Birmingham Automotive Dealers Association
Birmingham Business Journal
Blue Cross Blue Shieldof Alabama
Bottling Company
Brasfield & Gorrie
Burton Advertising
Cancer Center
Catering Company
Communication by Design
Edwards Chevrolet
Levy Marketing & Awards
Maynard, Cooper & Gale
Royal Automotive
Sergie Kampakis
The Calipari Foundation
The Modern Brand
The Thompson Foundation
UAB Comprehensive
Vituro Health
Welch Hornsby
Welch Hornsby, Inc.
Yellow Bicycle


Dean Assimos
Frank and Philippa Bainbridge
Tony Barnhart
Bill Battle
Gregory Bayer
Harry Bayer
Alisa Belcher
David Belcher
Sue Belcher
Aimée and Derick Belden
Robert and Alison Berman
Ross Bjork
Frank and Fraces Brocato
Ronnie Bruno
Christoper Burrell
Greg Byrne
Eli and Mary Lynne Capilouto
Mark and Lynne Cohen
Stanley Cohn
Frederic and Sara Cook
Stephen and Lori Dorsky
Lee and Jenny Edwards
Lisa and Alan Engel
Jeffrey and Judy Flannery
Howard and Donna Goldberg
Morton and Janet Goldfarb
Joel and Debra Goldstein
Mark and Lori Hadley
Judd Harwood and Anna Slive Harwood
Charles and Gail Herman
Donald and Ronne Hess
David and Susan Housel
Robert and Lessley Hynson
Gerard Kassouf
William and Dolly King
Lanning and Ricki Kline
Michael and Rochelle Koslin
Harold and Jaynn Kushner
Robert and Faye Levin
Don and Sandy Logan
John and Mary Maloney
David and Selby Melius
Martin and Susan Melson
Ed and Candy Meyerson
Jane Emmerth and Andrew Miller
Hadar Pehhazur
Charlie and Sheryl Perry
Tony and Teresa Petelos
Joel and Karen Piassick
Harold Ripps
Tom and Janet Robertshaw
Jim Rotenstreich
Joel and Bunny Rotenstreich
Robert Russell
Jacob & Sara Shevin
Mike and Liz Slive
Hatton Smith
Tom and Mary Ann Somers
Murray and Marilyn Tanner
Ray and Karen Tanner
Michael Honan and Roxanne Travelute
Anthony and Eleanor Turkiewicz
Steve Weinstein
Edgar and Louse Welden