We are thrilled that the Mike Slive Foundation’s PROSTATE CANCER RESEARCH specialty plate has been approved for Alabama. Proceeds received by the Foundation from this tag will support prostate cancer research.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you sign up now, The Mike Slive Foundation is offering your first year pre-commitment for FREE. (We’re covering the $50 cost). You do not have to wait until your renewal month. You can pre-commit to The Mike Slive Foundation tag today!

All that you have to do is complete the form below to reserve a tag for your car, or all of the cars registered in your name! This form also gives the Mike Slive Foundation a limited power of attorney to submit the pre-commitment form on your behalf.

We will submit the applications we receive in batches to the DMV, with a check from the Foundation to cover the initial commitment fee. You will be notified when we have reached 1,000 pre-commitments and it is time for you to head to the DMV to get your tag.

Thank you for your support. Together we can save lives!

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