Ed Meyerson

Founding Member of the Mike Slive Foundation

“We have to be more aggressive than the cancer.”

Ed Meyerson had five good reasons for starting the Mike Slive Foundation: His grandsons.

“I have five grandsons, and 1 out of every 6 men are going to get prostate cancer. Naturally I asked, ‘What can we do to make the statistics more meaningful for them?’”

Ed’s first experience with prostate cancer was nearly 50 years ago when his father was diagnosed with a severe and aggressive case of prostate cancer in his early 60s. “The only treatment they had at that time was removal of the prostate and an antiquated form of radiation. But in the process they created scar tissue that caused some severe incontinence issues.” Ed’s father got relief later in life when doctors at UAB removed some of the problematic scar tissue, and even though he lived to 90, his quality of life was greatly diminished.

“Treatment is night and day from then to now,” says Ed Meyerson. “What they did then, they would never do today. He might not even have needed radiation, but they didn’t have the early detection services available, and the means of detection they did have might not have been accurate. They threw everything at the cancer.”

Ed has seen that change in treatment firsthand. “I started the Cancer Center board 28 years ago to support UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. When I saw that we were making such strides through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at UAB, that was my impetus to start the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama, which has become the Mike Slive Foundation.”

“I want better,” says Ed. A better future for his grandsons. Better and less invasive treatments. Better and more accurate means of early detection. “People shouldn’t have to live with the anxiety of wondering if a diagnosis is accurate and, if you get a treatment, if it’s the right kind of treatment. Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases for males, but the macho male always worries about whether he will remain macho. If you have prostate cancer you have given up a lot of different things, but there’s no reason a man can’t stand up and say ‘I want better treatment.’”

Ed Meyerson has seen the work that’s going on at UAB and around the country, and he sees hope there. “Those of us who are joining the Mike Slive Foundation are supporting this research so our children and grandchildren won’t have to go through the apprehension and the side effects. They deserve better.”