Let’s Keep the Tag on the Road!

Think of this as an annual $50 donation to the Mike Slive Foundation. $41.25 of your $50 tag fee goes directly back to the Mike Slive Foundation for each year the tag is renewed.

Let everyone know you’ve joined the fight against prostate cancer by committing to purchase the Prostate Cancer Research Tag benefitting the Mike Slive Foundation. We need 88 new license plates by October 31, 2024, to keep this tag on the road!


Update your Current Tag

Visit the DMV and ask to switch to the Prostate Cancer tag. You can do this anytime, even outside your renewal month.

Purchasing a new car?

Request a Prostate Cancer license plate when you visit the DMV to get your new car tag.

Know someone moving to Alabama?

Ask them to purchase a Prostate Cancer license plate when registering their vehicles.

Have a Prostate Cancer tag?

Be sure to renew it this year during your renewal month.

How to purchase or renew your End Prostate Cancer license plate.

If your vehicle is already registered in Alabama and you want to switch over to our Mike Slive Foundation tag when you renew, follow the steps below.

Check to see if your county participates in online renewal:
→ Check Your County

If your county does not participate in online renewal, you can make the switch by visiting your local DMV office or County Courthouse and asking for the “Mike Slive Foundation Prostate Cancer Research Tag”.

Search by title and type “Prostate Cancer” in the search box and select the “Mike Slive Foundation” tag in the search results.

We look forward to seeing our tag support for prostate cancer research on vehicles across Alabama.

Be a catalyst for the cure.

With your help, the Mike Slive Foundation will generate national awareness and fund the scientific breakthroughs that will save lives and end prostate cancer.