The Quest For A Cure

Inspired by Mike Slive’s groundbreaking work in college sports, the Foundation has channeled the momentum of his life’s work into the support of pioneering research. Since our founding in 2017, the Mike Slive Foundation has raised nearly…

in the fight against Prostate Cancer
That funding has supported twelve unique investigations:
  • Developing Culturally-Tailored Interventions to Increase Prostate Cancer Screening Among African-American Men
  • Targeting the CD24/p53 axis for Lethal Metastatic Prostate Cancer Therapy
  • Impact of Physical and Cognitive Function on Treatment Selection and Outcomes among Older Patients with Prostate Cancer
  • Identification of NCOA6 as a New Oncogenic Driver of Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer
  • Unveiling the Roles of Neuroendocrine Cells in Prostate Cancer Development
  • Impact of TET Protein with Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  • Solving the Obesity Paradox in Prostate Cancer
  • Novel Functions of Mitochondria Localized Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer
  • Targeting the Amino Acid Transporter LAT1 to Treat Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  • Targeted Therapy for Nuclear Receptor Resistance Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer
  • Mechanism of Tumor Immune Escape and Metastasis in Lethal Prostate Cancer
  • PSMA-PET/MRI for Radiation Treatment Planning in Patients with Locally Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Guided by our commitment to find a cure for prostate cancer, the Foundation funds pilot grants for innovative research that allows researchers the ability to show proof-of-concept when applying for larger, highly competitive federal grants.

We use a peer-review process designed after the National Institutes of Health’s model to select our grant recipients. In 2019, we expanded the reach of our grant initiative to ten additional states in the Southeast and have plans to expand nationwide in the coming years.

Be a catalyst for the cure.

With your help, the Mike Slive Foundation will generate national awareness and fund the scientific breakthroughs that will save lives and end prostate cancer.